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Opportunity - Salad Recipe
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opportunitiesSalad Recipe Ideas is more than just ideas for salad! Salad Ideas intends to disrupt the market for ALL recipes & ALL cookbooks – specifically by providing high-quality content and ideas to home cooks directly and via content syndication partners (device producers). The internet has created and spawned numerous innovative business models – but the established restaurant & food industry has been slow to adapt or provide new technologies. People want to EAT food, salad or otherwise, however, with 50,000,000 connected devices – IoT (The Internet of Things) predicts that soon nearly ever kitchen in the developed world will have web/cloud/internet-enabled devices – including Cookbooks/recipes with some form of digital display. Paper-based Cookbooks are out…but people
still need to research prior to preparing food. Today, they go to the web, tomorrow, they will access
IoT devices. Salad Recipe Ideas provides the content & technology for these IoT-enabled devices.