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Salad Recipe Improve Health by Promoting Healthier Foods Choices
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Improve Health by Promoting Healthier Foods Choices



SaladRecipeIdeas.com provides an ideation platform for salads. Users can submit photos and salad recipes for rating, review, feedback, and comments from millions of website visitors around the world in multiple languages.


The market for Cookbooks, Recipes, and Food related concepts is over $500 million in the USA alone.Salad Ideas will have multi-language support reaching an even larger addressable market. The keyword “recipes” is one of the Top Search Phases in Google and users are continuously searching for new recipes and cooking ideas – Salad Ideas appeals to at-home cooks, chefs, and casual health conscious users.


The Future

A future market includes IoT (Internet of Things) Devices that are yet to exist –Read More

Key Success Factors

Salad Receipe Ideas, LLC will be the disruptive force in recipes market and will ..Read More


Salad Recipe Ideas is more than just ideas for salad! Salad Ideas intends to disrupt the market …Read More

Our Team

Salad Recipe Ideas was started by entrepreneurs with extensive experience building high growth,profitable ventures. Its founder decided to create a new salad ideaRead More

Social Impact

Recipes, Cooking, and Eating is a truly global activity that has the power to unite people and break cultural barriers. Salad Recipe Ideas, LLC will donate 10% of all Profits to charitable organizations.

Our Customers

Salad Recipe Ideas is more than just ideas for salad! Salad Ideas intends to disrupt the market …Read More










Recipes are not a new or innovative idea. However, recipes continue to be a entry-way for advertisers to enter the home at a critical decision for a buyer. who is just about to go FOOD SHOPPING…for Americans, this is usually
to a mega Supermarket. We make money by providing sponsorship opportunities to retailers, restaurants, and the food service industry.
Content is licenced and sold on a subscription basis. Advertisers can buy ad placements on the website and Product Placements within the
recipes – i.e.



  • Asparagus Shrimp Salad

    Asparagus Shrimp Salad – This simple, amazing, asparagus shrimp salad recipe is irresistible. Dark green, distinct asparagus and delicious, fresh shrimp are first cooked, then chilled, while marinating in the homemade dressing, recipe included. Served over a bed of lettuce and cheese, this quick, easy......

  • Bean Salad

    Bean Salad – This nice cool dish would be best served with a small piece of red meat and grilled and served warm with the salad. Enjoy! Ingredients to make Bean Salad 1 can (540 mL) chickpeas 1 can (540 mL) red kidney beans 1 can......

  • Chilled Creamy Fruit Salad

    Chilled Creamy Fruit Salad – This creamy, cold fruit salad recipe, can be made with fresh, frozen or canned fruit, and the fruit can be mixed and matched to your families favorites. The one of a kind flavor of vanilla sweetens the sinfully rich combination......

Financial Information

Financing: Privately Held. Seed funding via Founder
Industry: IoT Devices (Internet of Things)
Seeking: Interns & Remote/work-at-home Opportunities
Advisors: Equity Compensation available
Competitors: Foders, ChowHound, Michelin, Yelp (revenues over $250M)
Investors: Future investment rounds may include  outside investors
Venture Stage: Website with customers, generating traffic, inbound sales & modest revenue.
Angels: Investors welcome at $2,000 investment units. See:  www.themarketaccelerator.com
FMV: $20,000 (Idea/Seed Stage)
Incubator: The Market Accelerator in Newton, Massachusetts